Thin insulation
of the roof from the exterior

As roof insulation from the exterior

The insulation of the roof is an absolute priority for those who want to save energy. The roof is the principal source of energy loss in a home.

As the thin roof insulation Aluthermo Densima® also works as a roof membrane and vapor barrier, its installation from the exterior, over the rafters, is very easy, requiring only one single operation.

In a renovation situation, simply roll out over the rafters, the issue of air gaps, height or shape of rafters is no longer an issue.

The thin reflective insulation Aluthermo Densima® is very flexible, adapts to all roof shapes, and avoids increase of thickness to the structure. The strong reflective property of Aluthermo Densima® reflects more than 82% of the solar radiation and improves the ambient temperature by reducing overheating in summer.

Our product recommendation:

There isn’t any insulation material between the rafters; I’ll opt for DENSIMA. Made thicker, perfect to reinforce the acoustic performance.

DENSIMA – 37mm
Insulation, vapour barrier and roof membrane combined in one product. Made thicker to comply with European standards, it is the perfect insulation for your roof renovation.

aluthermo densima explication

The benefits of exterior roof insulation

  • Breather membrane, insulation and vapour barrier all in one
  • EPC & 2020 certified
  • Multi-reflective and multi-layer with a reinforced thermal and acoustic performance
  • Reduces thermal bridges
  • Easy to install as it is welded across nits entire surface
  • Self-adhesive overlap included